What transmission do I have

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Apr 26, 2018
Stevens, PA
OK, so I tried to contact Wholesale Automatic transmissions, gave them all of my data that I will post here and they blew me off, did not answer my question, and told me to contact Crusier Brothers (Valley Hybrids), because they are the exclusive dealer in the U.S.A. for their transmissions.

I subsequently contact Valley Hybrids, told the lady that answered the phone my issue and was told that the reason Wholesale Automatic Transmissions probably didn't answer me was because they don't want someone who doesn't know what they are doing to install their transmissions. I said if that's the case they shouldn't have prices on their website if we as a consumer can't actually order these. I told her it's unacceptable that between the two companies they want to keep it a secret from me. So, I said that if no one can answer me, I will find an alternative since it's already very expensive to ship my vehicle from Pennsylvania to California to an "exclusive" dealer. Shipping is added additional wasted money.

So, let's see if anyone can answer this accurately. I have an HDJ81 built in 9/1992. Apparently there is a difference between the ones built in 8/1992 and the ones built earlier and I have no clue what those differences are. My data is as follows:

VIN: HDJ81-0027575
Transmission A442F
Transaxle: K 295

My vehicle has cruise control and an ECT button on the dash and is a VX Limited model.

Wholesale Automatic advertises a 4 solenoid, a 5 solenoid, hydraulic (no cruise), and a hydraulic (cruise). I don't know which one to order and I DO NOT wish to make a mistake ordering from Australia.

Is there anyone here knowledgeable enough to decipher what I have based on this data? I am not, and right now the vehicle is not located where I can get to it for at least another week to look at it.
Mar 30, 2013
Sep 19, 2011
Auckland, New Zealand
It's most likely you have the 4 solenoid electronic A442F. Run your truck through www.japan-parts.eu using the model code or VIN to check.

This is for my 1994. I know its 4 solenoid because a) the diagram shows it and b) I had the pan off recently.



Waiting for Barn Time
Jan 11, 2015
^ open your transmission pan to confirm. Send pics to vendor for peace of mind.

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