What transfer case ?

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Depends on the month it came out of the factory. It either has a spacer or not.

What's the cut-off guys? May/85? Aug/85? can't remember...

But it certainly isn't a GM NewProcess, that's for sure. It's Toyota/Japanese.

The month of production is on the vin panel in drivers door well.

Unless you have a v8 transplant at which point IHNI...
should have the provisions for the oil slinger, there where only two cases 80-88 I believe and I thought 84 was the change.
Someone will let you know the crossover year.

Edit: Trapper beet me to it, I think he is right about the years/month as well.

What specifically are you wondering?
Just curious. I like to know as much about my vehicles as possible, and I just bought it, 219,000 miles, so was wondering how common or scarce parts are for it. It's been in the same family since new and looks to be well taken care of. I have a glove box full of service records from Toyota garage and all the receipts. I'm going to get it smoged Friday and got my fingers crossed.

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