What Toyota Diesel do You Have in your Cruiser?

What Toyota Diesel do You Have in Your Cruiser?

  • 1HD-FTE

    Votes: 3 1.6%
  • 1HD-FT

    Votes: 14 7.4%
  • 1HD-T

    Votes: 26 13.7%
  • 1HZ

    Votes: 12 6.3%
  • 13B-T

    Votes: 13 6.8%
  • 12H-T

    Votes: 22 11.6%
  • 2H

    Votes: 32 16.8%
  • 3B

    Votes: 51 26.8%
  • 2B

    Votes: 8 4.2%
  • B

    Votes: 9 4.7%

  • Total voters

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Mar 16, 2009
Stuck between a rock and a hard place
Interested in finding out what type of Toyota Diesels fellow Mudders have in their Cruisers. There can only be 10 options in a poll, so I picked the most common Toyota Diesels.

Feel free to post up what you have, rig that it is in, and if it came stock, or was a conversion, and any other relevant info you would like to include.

My rig - The Ugly Duckling:

  • Landcruiser Model = 1966/1967 FJ45 LWB PickupI
  • Engine = 1HD-FT originally from OZ
  • Conversion = Yes, replacing 2F, which had replaced the 1F
  • Transmission = H55F


P.S. sorry about the one vote only with the poll. Mods, feel free to change to a multiple response.
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Tencha Factory 2H
Marilú Factory 1HD-T ( was auto ) mated to H150

both wit couple of " mods " to help in performance ..
Landcruiser Model = 1991 HDJ81
Engine = 1HD-T
Conversion = No
Transmission = A442F

Landcruiser Model = 1996 Hilux Surf (not a LC, but a TD Yota)
Engine = 1KZ-TE
Conversion = No
Model: 1997 HZJ-75
Engine: 1HZ with Turbo Glide turbo
Conversion: No
Transmission: H55F with Mark's OD gears in the split case.

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1984 BJ60
3B engine
All Stock
Conversion? why mess with reliable perfection after 1/2 a million kliks? ;)
(okay, turbo and exhaust brake in the offing....)
1987 bj70
3b (510.000 km) with 1kz turbo
Manual swapped for a440f automatic.
After some changes of the valve body a perfect off road transmission!
Combined with 37" tires an a 4.88 final gear for me a perfect setting.


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Landcruiser Model = 1991 HDJ81
Engine = 1HD-T Stock w/ blowby catch can.
Conversion = No
Transmission = A442F Full Hydrolic w/ EVB.
Landcruiser Model = 1992 HDJ81V
Engine = 1HD-T
Conversion = No
Transmission = A442F

Landcruiser Model = 1994 HDJ81V
Engine = 1HD-T
Conversion = Yes
Transmission = A442F to H151F 5 speed manual

Model: 1996 HZJ77 Wagon
Engine: 1HZ soon to be with a G-Turbo
Conversion: No
Transmission: H55F with Macnamara Gear in the split-case

Model: 1995 HZJ75 Cab Chassis
Engine: 1HZ
Conversion: No
Transmission: H55F
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Model: 1986 HJ61
Engine: 12HT
Conversion: no
Trans: H55F

But you already knew most of that from my user name...
86 BJ73 MWB conversion Fresh 2H with Turbo with H55F

83 HJ47 Troopy conversion 13BT with H55F

81 BJ42 Stock 3B with H41
Landcruiser Model = 1994 FZJ80
Engine = 1HD-FT
Conversion = Yes, replaced 1FZFE with the 1HDFT
Transmission = A442F to H151 5 speed manual
1991 HZJ 75 1HZ Turboglide turbo H55f
1993 HZJ 75 1HZ Stock H55f
1998 HZJ 75 1HZ Turboglide turbo H55F
1981 FJ 45 now getting a 3b with H55F engine and tranny out of a 1985 BJ 70.
1997 Lexus 450 starting process to swap in a 1HZ with a Turboglide. Using tranny out of a 92.
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