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Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
So, after asking for 2 years my mechanic finally hauled two disabled landcruisers off of a nearby ranch. They had been abandoned by the previous owner, and the new owner finally let my mechanic take them away, free. Now. There are two rigs. The green 72 supposedly runs, but it is pretty beat up. The red 74 supposedly has a blown engine, but besides the busted windshield, the only real issue is the rust at the rear (so what else is new?).

Anyway, the question is, should he:

A). Let someone have the 74 to fix up for his 13 y/o daughter who is about to start driving.
B). Take the 4 speed tranny/trans and put it in his 68 FJ40 which he uses for a snowplow (the original plan) and part out the rest.
C.) Let someone have the 74 to fix up.
D.) Take out the 4 speed and let someone fix up the 74.
E.) Part out the 72 and let someone fix up the 74.
F.) Fix up the 74 himself and put the plow on that. (He has about 12 other cars and trucks he is planning to restore someday).
G.) Let someone with a 13 y/o daughter who needs a project to occupy her fix up the 74.
H.) A, C, and G above.
I.) Other.
Another view:
And the 72:
(I already pointed out the upside down bezel on the 72 to him) :D

My answer is: E & G

Best of all worlds for both of y'all(I am assuming that the 13yld is yours)
You get a rig for your daughter
He gets the money from parting the '72
Your daughter learns a lot about the rig she will drive
The world gets another cruiser chick

My $.02

I like how you have "let someone have the 74 to fix up for the 13 year old daughter" three times for your choices. I think he should take the 4 speed put it into the 68 than fix up the 74 for the 13 year old daughter. Use the money made from the 72 to buy the 4 speed. I wish I had problems like this. :D Those both look like capable projects and would love to have them. I have problems like I need a new 60/40 bench and a windshild knob and my lighter does not work. :mad: Not what should I do with my 15 other cruisers. :slap: Good Luck. :cheers: Let us know what you decide. I could definatly use some parts if you decide to part one out. :beer:
Not sure who owns what, but sell the 72 to finance your kid's 74 project. Teaches her how to buy/sell things (dickering), work within a budget, automotive skills and ultimately the glory of cruiser ownership. :D
Well, it is really my mechanic who got the trucks, not me. I have the 13 y/o daughter. (And, as it happens, I like '74 fj40s). I would like to get the 74 as a project for her, and she'll need some sort of vehicle, why not a Land Cruiser? The mechanic, Kurt, really has about 12 other future restorations gathering in his boneyard, and most are going to rust away before he gets to them. I wish I could be the one to part out what he's going to part out, but he's still thinking about it (I did get a working horn brush from the 72, though :D).

Greenie, you don't need any more hot air! :flipoff2:
Id say if you can swing it, get the 40 for your daughter.. I think that would be a great project for the two of you. My dad bought me a 67 VW bug when I was 13. We spent every weekend in the garage (a complete body off rebuild) that really didnt cost that much because we used a parts car.. Its what started me on my way with my love affair with cars, and I developed a newfound respect for my father during those troubling identity crisis years as an early teenager.. Itaslo kept me out of trouble! I think that was his whole plan all along. See if you can get both of them and build a nice reliable, super cool, safe first car..

I sure wouldn't want a new driver driving an old 40. Too prone to rollover, bad brakes, manual steering, poor safety equipment, etc. Other people's kids in the jump seats is downright scary. Even if you are not legally responsible for their safety, you have some amount of moral responsibility. If you give a kid a 40 taking the back seats out would be the least you could do.
I'm sure there are others on the list who have given their kids a 40 for their first car and it turned out OK. The majority of kids will get into some accident in their teens. I would like to put them in a vehicle that will be easy for them to drive and safe in an accident. Anyone who is honest and not blinded by Cruiser loyalty will tell you they are not the easiest things to handle, especially at speed.

Just my humble opinion, and I'm sure not one shared by many on this list, but something to think about.
I appreciate your thoughts, Gumby. I have always thought that, with the exception of lacking airbags, '40s were relatively safe. Are they really that prone to rollovers, with stock suspensions? I have always thought that they had a lower center of gravity than Jeeps and a lot of other vehicles. You are right, that kids will have accidents (I certainly did). My theory was that it is better to have one in a slowmoving steel cage than in an aluminum can. She's practicing with the steering (in the driveway), and seems to handle the Armstrong angle all right: she can back in and out of the garage.

On a more technical bent, how much time should I plan on for rebuilding the engine if it is seized? (And if Kurt will let me have the rig?)
I have to agree. Half of safety is being able to avoid an accident entirely ... something hard to do in a 40. Well said Gumby.
If all your mechanic really needs is a 4-speed I have one out of a '76. You can have it cheap. Trade him the tranny for the '74 and get back to me sometime when you're in Missoula for a beer or something. Where the heck is McCall anyway?
Well, she wouldn't be able to drive it until she rebuilds it.....that might keep her off the roads until she's 32!

That's a tempting idea, Theo. I'll have to run it by Kurt. Hmmm.

McCall is midway between Donnelly, Old Meadows and Yellowpine, ID! :D
I had a 30 mph accident in my bj40 last season and was amazed by the strength of the thing. I rear-ended a taurus, and I'd describe the results as follows: battering ram vs tonka toy. Not a scratch on the bj.

I would worry about the rollover thing and any side impact on the cruiser, however.
If you can get the project truck for her that would be great. Some suggestions to improve safty ect.

Add Mini truck power steering, cheap and easey to do(all bolt on)

Add Disk brakes from a mini truck to the front end.

take out the "jump" seats and put in a J**P roll and tumble. they fit and work great.

Put in some good bucket seats with good shoulder belts from a car or later FJ40.

for the side impact thing add rock sliders to the truck and that will help.

[quote author=IDave link=board=1;threadid=8630;start=msg73862#msg73862 date=1071070553]McCall is midway between Donnelly, Old Meadows and Yellowpine, ID! :D

Well I found it without your help! :flipoff2:

Ever ski Lost Trail Pass? Looks closer to you than to me. I'll just toss the tranny in the trunk when my wife isn't looking and meet you there. ;)
Shoulder belts and roll bar were the first and main safety upgrades I put into the 71. The 74 has buckets and shoulder straps are easy. Cruizer, what's a roll and tumble? Minitruck PS sounds good. I am not convinced about the need for disc brakes. My drums stop straight and easy on the 71.

Theo, Lost Trail is much closer by air than it is by road. It sounds like a good plan, however. Maybe after the first of the year!

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