What to do with your blank switch hole covers

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Sep 5, 2013
Cayman Islands
I was tinkering in the garage this morning when I decided that it would be useful to have a 15-30A Anderson plug readily available from the driver/passenger seat. this is mainly for a spot light I carry but could be useful for other 12V devices. The question was how to mount it so that it was readily available and easy to find. I have a Anderson connector at the rear of the truck so that are is covered.

My thoughts ran to the switch blanks and I got one for testing. The plugs are a hard plastic and will readily break if they are weakened too much.

There are two ways to mount the plug - and this way would not work for the simple reason that the fastener used to to hold the Anderson connector plate will interfere with the ridge that runs around the perimeter to strengthen the cover. Secondly, you will either have to live with a bit of the aluminum sticking out or you will have to file it down.


So, I rotated the plug clamp 90 degrees and proceeded to gently mill out a hole until the plug slipped in.
Once the fit was OK ( I had to square the corners as I used a 1/8 diameter mill), position everything together, drill two holes for screws or if you want, rivets; and you get this.

I used a blank cover for comparison. Front view.


And rear view.


The light that started this project,


As well as the 7' long cord I made to connect to the Anderson plug.

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I drilled a hole in one of mine and filed it out so that an RJ45 would fit through it. I then JB welded a RJ45 female/female connector to the back of it and ran an extension from my HAM radio to the back of the plate. Then I just plug my mic directly into the dash when I want.

Dashboard USB sockets..jpg

I have used two blanks for 2 x 3 amp USB sockets for screen mounted devices. Phone plugs into one socket, and a tablet (with phone capability) and off road topography maps in the other, saves wiring trailing across the dashboard from the cigarette lighter USB adaptor.

Sorry for grainy picture.


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Having just looked a little closer at the photo I have noticed the USB ports look way out of line with each other. Looking at the dashboard I can see there is a very slight difference, the camera making it look worse than it is.



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