What to do with lights bolts...

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rock scientist..
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Feb 17, 2002
Las Vegas
I ordered a set of these bolts from speedway in amber (Gonna use them for running lights ;) )


They sent me white so I have another set coming.

What shoudl I do with the white set??

They are pretty fawking cool but do not put out that much light

Send them to me?
They cost like $14.00
Too cheap for the company to even bother with returning..

So I got another set..

If you came up with something cool to do with them I just might send them to you ;)
what size fastener?
Lighted Button
Head Bolts
Available in five different colors, these stainless steel button head bolts can be used for anything imaginable. These can be used on the interior or exterior and are compact enough to put anywhere. Sold per pair and have 5/16" x 3/4" threads. 12 volt.
HawkDriver said:
Under your rocker panels, you know like those hip gangsta neons.

Something along under the dash would be cool. Around your center console or sumthin....

along the same line..........

around the ignition switch, so you can get the key in when it's dark and you're drunk!;p

pointing up from your rollcage, to give the rig a halo effect at night!
Under the seats so you can find stuff you drop in the floor, possibly under hood for night repairs.
Bezel mount screws, license plate screws, inside glove box, around the edge of running boards . . . . :)

What colors available and how bright are they?? :confused:
License plate is where they will probably go, but I like the glove box idea.

What's a running board???

There are 5 colors available (red, blue, green, amber, white) and since they are single LED's they show up well but do not project light well..
do you need to run a resitor with them? Or will they take a full 12 volts?

full 12
on top of your gear shifter knobs so you can color coordinate and find the 4wd shifter in the dark easy. :)
hammerhead said:
Use them to light up your cup holder for night runs... LOL

I like the way he thinks!:cheers:
make sure if put them someplace other than licence plate that you have them switched independently...around here all the ricer kids get pulled over for having those stupid LED spray nozzels so don't know if the coppers in your area would take kindle to that stuff.

These are going on my rock rig, no way a hard top will ever fit again, and the taillights are no where even close to stock.

Hammerhead always seems to come up with novel ideas ;)

Cruzer, if the first thing a cop sees that is iffy on my rig is a set of glowing bolts I would take the tickett gladly ;)

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