What to do in the low country

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Sep 17, 2016
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Visiting Charleston for a few days and need some suggestions. Have the inlaws with me, old Mormons, so looking for something besides brewaries. History is cool, they like to see old south stuff too. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
Charlestown Landing is really cool if everyone likes walking a bunch. I enjoyed my trip there a few years ago, lots of history.

Visiting the angel oak is neat, but doesn't take a lot of time.
Third for Angel Oak. Second for the Tea Plantation. Every time my mother comes down, we make the trip to the Tea Plantation, only tea grown in USA!! We do not do the tour any more, but that is up to you.

I would pass on Ft. Sumter, can be annoying getting out there and back. Moultrie is definitely a good choice.

I'm amazed no one said The Battery. With the heat lately, the oaks provide a ton of shade to just chill and relax.

Carriage Tours are not a bad choice either if they want a guided history tour.

Also, downtown there are people trying to sell time share crap. When they ask where you are from, just say "North Chuck", they will immediately stop talking to you. Enjoy!
I'll be at Waters Edge (a little pricey but good)Thursday night with a bunch from out of town.
Lots and lots of restaurants down town, I don't go out to eat much anymore, so really can't be much help there.
I grew up going to Fort Moultrie, always had a blast there, most touristy spots are Angel Oak, tea plantation, Middleton and Magnolia gardens, Charlestown Landing, City Market, and the beaches. Spoleto is going on now until Saturday so downtown will be crowded.
Hope all this helps.
A place I like to eat downtown is Tommy Condon's (Irish pub).

I generally get the sheppard's pie. Kids menu available too and only 1 block south of market street. Not horrible on price :)

Note: Everything I'm discussing here is located downtown - because that's where the touristing is :cheers:

Not sure what your price range is, but there are quite a few options. Most of what you'll find in downtown Charleston (and the whole Charleston area for that matter) is Low Country Cuisine. Is this something that your family will enjoy? Most folks like it, but is it something that they can get where they live? If not, than I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot. They'll enjoy a walk on King's Street and Market Street; everyone loves that area (besides Benke). SNOB, High Cotton, Oak, and Magnolia are good restaurants but a little on the pricey/high end side (and possibly less than kid friendly). Poogan's Porch, 82 Queen, and Husk are all right next to each other, stationed between King and Market, and all represent Low Country Fare pretty well with a reasonable price (for the area). If Low Country fare is not popular with the crowd, give Poogan's smokehouse a look; for the area the price is reasonable and they've been good at accommodating larger parties. And also on that note, Lewis Barbecue, Home Team BBQ, and Rodney Scott BBQ are in the "meat packing" district and are all excellent (though Rodney is from Upstate, so you might've had his whole hog stuff). Lewis BBQ has the best brisket I've had on the East Coast and Home Team smoked wings and white sauce are unbeatable (I'd leave the rest of their stuff though, there is better).

Market Street has a bunch of handmade oddities that scream South Carolina. Try to steer clear of the sweetgrass baskets, though, they are overpriced and you can find it cheaper elsewhere. Snack on some pralines from River Street Sweets (just listen for the woman screaming "Free samples!"). I'd enthusiastically recommend "The Old Dungeon" for lots of Charleston and Civil War history. Also, there are several OG BMFIC houses in the city that were restored to their pre-Civil War era prominence that you can tour. They were pretty fascinating to us, but the one that kinda blew us away was The Heyward-Washington house. Nathanial Russell House was also pretty cool. The Charleston Museum is a good option as well as the Charleston Aquarium (make sure to see the Turtle Hospital). And lastly, I'd suggest hitting the Hunley Submarine. The Hunley museum is located near "The Codfather". Having just gotten back from England, I can honestly say that The Codfather has better fish and chips than you will find ANYWHERE (I'm a fat guy that loves food, don't test me, you will lose). Angel Oak is cool, but it's a hike to get to - it's way out on Johns Island. If you head out that way, though, because it IS cool, I'd recommend "The Southern General" for good lunch food.
If you do the Angel Oak visit or the Tea farms, try Fat Hen on Johns Island for an alternative.

Any of the gardens on Hwy 61, Patriots Point for the Yorktown/ Vietnam memorial, the Market downtown or Kings Street any day for walking and shopping, the Charleston farmers Market on Saturday’s AM at Marion’s Square is A MUST ! lots of local Artisians, food, etc.

The Hunley was a good recommendation, as well as the Carrige Tours. The Carriage Tours offer 1-6 different routes and an excellent way to learn and experience Charleston in a relaxed and easy way. My top recommendation, after the Marion Square farmers market...
I’ll add the the old slave mart museum to the list. Went to school at CofC and visited this while I was there. it was pretty neat to go that museum which used to be an old slave market. It’s on one of the old cobblestone roads downtown off of east bay st I believe
I’ll add the the old slave mart museum to the list. it was pretty neat to go that museum which used to be an old slave market. It’s on one of the old cobblestone roads downtown off of east bay st I believe
Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, East Bay St, and Broad

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