What tires on standard rims with no lift

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Nov 10, 2007
Hey guys, I'm starting to look for new rubber and wanted something a bit bigger, I have read that many people use 305 70 16 on stock rims but will they be ok at the stock ride height, any experience you have with bigger tires and standard ride height would be great.
I am not going to say "search is your friend" or anything like that but there are lots of threads about tires and stock height and so on...What type of driving is a more important question. Do you need clearance, or are you going for looks.
BFG AT 295's for me with no rubbing. I do a lot of wheeling around here and have had no issues with mine. Next year ill have four more inches though! If you get them put on by someone who is not savvy with cruisers, they may be hesitant. Just assure them they don't know what theyre talking about!
Many have said that 33" tyres (285/75R16 or 305/70R16) fit with the stock springs and shocks and do not rub.

no problems with my 285s yet but I'm still getting a lift to get that body up off the rocks
35's will fit with no lift, but they will rub. Especially when turning left. These are my buddy's tires, pic taken last year before the lift.


BTW, they are not factory rims...but they are 15". Factory size for 91-92.
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I got 295's they fit perfectly. No rubbing here.
Like others mentioned, I wish I could have convinced the shop to put 295's on mine. I have 285/75/16's. I like them. But when I was purchasing, the tire store refused to listen to me that 295 would fit. Oh well, Im still happy.

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