what things are you sold on ???

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Nov 17, 2006
just moved to cairns , Qld
curious what products are your sold on , totally believe in from your personal expereince . some of mine >>>

Moreys products ( made in NZ i think ? )
always try to use Moreys diesel conditioner , unless cant get it

Innox branded products - best spray lubricants ever used , used heaps before ( WD40, RP7 , nulon stuff ) , always buy lannox now , doesnt evapourate even in warm climates, new innox spray has f.t.t.e in it . Most the engineering shops use it here , you normally have to ask for it as its like gold & sometimes under the desk of parts shops lol
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I've been happy with power service (white bottle) as a diesel fuel supplement
Store bought veggie oil!

Mineral based 2 stroke oil in the winter...

I noticed more of a difference with those two things then any of the fuel additives i've tried!

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