What the... UNGO?

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Sep 10, 2006
Dallas, Tx.
So I was digging around in the 62 today, looking for the best place to stash a kill switch. And the weirdest thing happened. I found an aftermarket kill switch! I don't even think the previous owner knew it was there. It's wired to some old system called UNGO. It appears to be similar to this one that I found on Ebay today:


I don't think it's an alarm, like other UNGO models I found online, but it certainly stops the truck.

My concern is whether or not I should continue to rely on this complicated relic, or have it removed and start with something less outdated. It seem integrated into the car's electronics in more ways than I understand, and I'm worried that if it goes out at some point, I could be stranded. And I'm too shy about electronics to try to remove it myself. Surely it's not something I can just remove and everything works.

Seems like the original owner had a fondness for aftermarket electronics. The dash-mounted cruise control is another enigma entirely.
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That thing dates back to the days of Disco. I've never had one, but a fellow I worked with had one installed in his new van....remember when vans with shag carpet, panelling, and special paint jobs were the hot item? The UNGO was supposed to be the ultimate theft deterrent system, typically installed by the dealer or a custom alarm shop. As I recall, it was designed so that if a thief tried to disable/remove it, it would continue to keep the vehicle disabled. Probably best to find a shop familiar with these systems to remove it or you may never get your truck started again.
Dang, I just hope I can find someone that knows how to get it out of there. Or I could just airbrush a wizard on the side of my Cruiser and roll with it.
I recall Ungo from the late 70's. I remember they had an alarm that would disable the vehicle and keep the thief trapped inside. Maybe just an urban legend but when I was 8 years old I believed all advertisements. I've been scared to mess with the alarm that's in my 62. looks like a relic.
When I was Googling it, I found a lot of different models with varying features. I tried to set mine off, but couldn't do it. The small block box in that picture is mounted under the hood, which means it's probably a hood sensor or an alarm loudspeaker, either way it didn't seem to work. But like I said, when the switch is on, the engine won't turn over.
Sounds like that switch is hooked to the starter relay or positive wire from starter to battery. Clip it!!!
Go ahead.....clip it!
its a cruiser... You'll get her running again.
Dont be scared if you have a FSM.... I know you have a FSM.
Actually, I don't have a service manual. I've only had the truck for about 4 months and still haven't gotten around to it. :rolleyes:
be warned

hey man

had a smiliar device in an old cherokee, took it out, STUPIDD ME

not too much of an eltrical guy myself, and couldnt get it started, put it back in and it started but had all kinds of problems had to get my pop to go ove the eltrical with me befoer we found out that it was hardwired, when i took it out i didnt remove everything and it was grounding out on the frame.

i would tell you to just be cautious, good luck, im sure someone with electrical knowledge can remove it easily for you but i had problem after problem when my idiot ass decided just to rip it out.
Being meticulous about what each and every wire does is usually crucial. Having the FSM so that you can figure out what the wiring is supposed to be is absolutely essential.

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