What the heck kind of crusier is this?

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Sep 11, 2002
Fort Worth, TX
Hey, I dont really know if this should be in here or in chat. someone can move it if its in the wrong place. I snapped this picture in Spain. I have no clue what moddle it is. Its longer than a 40 but shorter than a 60 its a 5 speed turbo diesel. The top is removible. (notice the top, it has the funky little part that slopes up). I've been bak from Spain for almost 6 months now and came across the picture. I thought I'd let someone enlighten me as to which one this is.

Possibly HJ70, depends on the motor.
prolly a bj73/4 mid wheelbase cruiser, leaf sprung, you can get very nice ones out of canada, all jap spec(right hand drive) but mint shape for the most part, 10Kish for a 1988ish model.

IMOP this model is one of the best Cruisers made.

[quote author=Landpimp link=board=1;threadid=5700;start=msg45255#msg45255 date=1064610852]IMOP this model is one of the best Cruisers made.
So nice of Toyota to import them into the States... :mad:
unless its brand new (1HD-FTE engine)

it's a 1986-1989 BJ74 FRP top, 96" wb

I know, because I have one in Tucson (suckers)!
[quote author=rick_d link=board=1;threadid=5700;start=msg45311#msg45311 date=1064621011]
here is a photo...


looks like you got some new tires on it?


thats frikin sweet......


John H
Notice how the POS front bumper does not fit up properlly brecause the factory lame winch is in the way :flipoff2: :flipoff2:

RHD to boot, OK, where'd ya git it? ;)
I got the 88 petrol 3F version .You can tell the difference between a 70 and 73/74 series by the extra 6inches between the rear wheel arch and the door.A 70 has virtually nothing there.I got to say they are great because they have the off road capabilities of a 40 and the on road comfort of a 60.The rear springs are identical to a 60 .Most of them have got factory air and p/steering.Mine has the white roof with silver bronze paint.Some have 1+1.5 front passenger seats or 2 singles with a large centre console.They are relatively quick being a few hundred pound lighter than a 60.
Nice truck rick_d.I tried buying one when I was in Germany,serving in the Army in `89.The bank wouldn`t lend me the money.I think it was about $13,000 U.S. at the time.Next time I`m in Tucson visiting my brother I`ll have to look you up.
..yea holmass, my 'new' tires.

16 x 7.50 Jeep service bias ply's with tubes on factory 16 x 6 steel rims- not a balance weight on them but since the tires cost $29 out the door it drove the 1,400 miles south OK. Still hunting for some good radials but need to sell some spares for tires....

yea, Dan, that darn OEM PTO gets in the way. Maybe when I move the steering it will look right.
is it some kinda removeable hard top ??? nice lookin LC
it's a FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer or something along those lines) top, they do come off and look similar (to me so don't shoot me) to some of the early soft top suzuki's i've seen running around here (australia). a friend of mine has one and says the worst thing he ever did was take the top off, it never sealed again
They were never designed as a top that was to be removed on sunny days and put back on for monday morning.They also have a 1/3 2/3 ambulance door set up so you have scrap them if you remove the top .They do look good removed though and a tight lycra top over the driver.The Australian specs also have a factory roll cage in the rear section while the Japanese dont.

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