What stuff runs on these fuses?

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Your owner's manual or a FSM will tell you everything that runs off every fuse. Or, you can find out the easy way; take out the fuses in question and find out what don't work.

Also, I agree with Curtis...:confused:
Any 'aftermarket' stuff (radio's, cb's, alarm's) that might be wired wrong/poorly causing the grief? Wires routed wrong that are now pinched? Too many things on a circuit?

One of those three things are usually at the root of electrical demons.
Haha, that was wayy back when I first joined this. Didn't know the difference.

Still says "locked"... The term "locked" usually refers to f/r lockers. ALL 80's came with a center diff lock.

Honestly, it should be called a 4WD button.

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