What Springs Are These?

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Apr 23, 2005
I've had Cruisers for many years, and finally got me an 80 series. It's a 93 with lockers. While not new to Cruisers, I a 80 series noob. The tires are shot, and so I'm looking to put on some new shoes. Can someone help me identify these springs?


While I'm having fun driving this around on the streets, it will be seeing trail duty as soon as I think it's worthy. So any input on these springs, how they do off road, what tires I can accommodate, etc. would be helpful. TIA.
They might be TJM progressive springs. If so...there good springs. If you like the way it rides and sits I'd stick with em
Yes TJM.
Show us a pic of the cruiser.
What size tires do you have?
How do these do off road? How do they handle extra weight like bumpers, winches, etc? What size tires can I put on without issues? Remember, this thing is hitting the trails. Will get picture once the sun comes up.

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