What sort of engine crane do I need?

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Feb 25, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Getting close to pulling out the oilburner so will be looking at buying a cherry picker soon.
So what do I need? Looked at a few but am concerned about the lifting range of the arm.
I want to get motor and gearbox out and back in one go.
Not sure on the current suspension setup but it looks to be pretty standard height wise.
Howdy! Many of the inexpensive units are only able to lift 50-75% of their advertised amount, so buy a bit extra. Height is not a big factor. Since the front bib lays down/comes off, you only need to go up a foot or two. One trick to make it easier, is to chain down the frame to axle with the engine weight onboard, so it does not raise up the frame when you unload the weight. John
Thanks John. So do you think something like this would do the job both with lift and reach of the arm? Obviously you can't extend the arm out too far without overloading it...
I'll be pulling the whole vehicle apart once the engine is out so won't be able to chain the frame down.
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Yup, that's pretty much what a lot of us use. I bought mine on sale at an auto parts place for about $100 US. I also lhave an engine balance beam, about $40 US. It is an adjustable fulcrum that goes between the end of the boom and the engine/driveline you are trying to lift. Just crank the handle and the load tips back and forth to position it. Wonderful invention. Good luck. John
I used this one ,it has extendable outriggers on all four sides and is rated at 2T max but it stilled showed the strain with a 1HZ and 5 sp with t/case attached.
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