What size shocks?

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Feb 17, 2007
I have about 3 inches of lift on my 62. I have been shopping shocks and will be buying some soon. I was going to run KYB's, but they don't have the front shock in lifted sizes. Right now I am leaning towards the Pro Comps from SOR. My question is, should I get shocks for a 2-3" lift, or a 3-4" lift? If I get the longer ones, should I put bump stops on to prevent bottoming?
You shouldnt need a extend the bumpstops at all.
Perfect. Thanks! Anyone running the Pro Comp's on a 60 series?
i have on my '87.

And...? Good, bad, undecided? Were they stiffer than hell on the pavement? The truck is already stiff, and am not expecting a sedan like ride, but also don't want to be pissing blood when I reach my destination.
for me i like it. (got 2 1/2" lift pro-comp spring too)

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