What Size of Winch fits the ARB Bumber

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Its a Mile stone SI 12000# Winch
will that fit on the ARB Bumper as well?

Never heard of the brand. I would recommend staying with something that has some type of track record to help make a choice. There is a trade off between budget and reliability that you can read about to find a winch that fits your needs.

Nearly any planetary gear winch will fit with the possible need for some spacers such as these. I had to use them to mount my 12.5k Superwinch and a 10k T-max (Smittybilt) in another truck.
Found a Great used ARB Front Bumper for MY LC 80
with Winch Access and Bull bar,
One side had a slight Bent , appr. 2" squizzed in.
I will pick it up Tuesday again......found a great Welder
up here who fixes it for $ 40.-
Will post Pictures soon with NEW Mounted ARB.....................thrilled about it.
Will than Install the Mile stone SI 12000# Winch
It is never Been used and traded it in for my Factory Bumper
and Brush guard........seems a Good trade for me.
Got my ARB Bumper back today
What a Deal I got.....found it on Craigslist
and installed in a Heart beat...............very nice
Still needs a little Paint Touch up.
will install the 12000 pound over the Weekend
Coleman Camper 014.jpg
Coleman Camper 015.jpg
Whoa! So with the winch, you're in to that for $165?? sheesh. Nice job!
Be very ashamed!! :flipoff2:

But good for you :clap: Enjoy that deal.......
ARB 165.-
Traded the old Bumper and Brush guard
for a 12000 Winch.............................
Love it

I promise I won't tell anybody... Can't wait to see it up close- off road trip in the near future.
Oh and almost for got I heard you installed the h-lift on the roof need to see that too, please! :popcorn::beer:
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Ok, ARB Bumper is Complete
Just debating for Fog lights or Turnlights
Leaning more towards Fog Lights...........
The whole Bumper is sanded Down
and Rattle Can Sprayed.
# 12000 lbs Winch is mounted............
fitted like a Glove, all tested and works great.
Ready to go for the Next Trip
ARB with Winch 001.jpg
ARB with Winch 002.jpg
ARB with Winch 003.jpg
WHOAAA!!!!! What a great deal, lucky guy.
I was about to tell to see mounting sizes specifications for the Mile Marker 12000 and compare it with the W 12000, but looks like you found it out. I used to have a W10000 on a 40.
:clap: & :cheers:
Good score! I had a feeling you intended to say mile marker and not mile stone.

It appears you had to use a mounting plate, correct? Any winch above 10k lbs needs to be mounted feet forward in the bumper which is how ARB designed the bumper, especially if they are going to be used near their capacity. If that mounting method is not possible, the largest standard grade8 or metric class 10.9 bolts should be used in every location possible.

It's hard to tell in your pictures but the top of the fairlead should be right up against the protruding mounts in the bumper. The two side roller pins should then be replaced with bolts and the fairlead secured to the bumper.
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yes, i used a Mounting plate
secured that also through the arb Frame using
metro class 10.9 bolts,
You are right, did not got the bolts yet for the fairlead
to proper secure the side roller Pins................next Phase
Thanks for all the good Advise

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