what size lift do I have?

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Mar 11, 2008
Goodyear Arizona
I was wondering if any of you guys could throw a guess at what size lift I have on my LX450. Is it stock? It doesnt seem to be to me, but I could be wrong. The tire size is 265 75 R16 if that tells ya much. Just looking at adding a little more but dont know where my starting point is.
need a picture of the shocks and springs.
alright then, let me see what I can do.
heres a couple pictures i just took of the driver front shock, tell ya anything?
couple more
front axle.JPG
rear diff.jpg
Judging from the tags on the front springs I'll be conservative and assume that you've got an Old Man Emu Medium lift with trim packer spring spacers. Shocks look OEM though since I see no pretty colors poking out. :flipoff2:

If you want more details get the numbers off the tags on the front/rear springs and see what is written on your shocks.
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not much if any at all.................
I'm not basing that off any tags.

Strictly looking at the vehicle in relation to the tire size he said was on it and thats what leads me to believe that it is quite possible no lift is present. Regardless I wouldn't worry about the starting point I would look at what others have done, figure out what it is you want to do with your rig and go from there. I would definately want an entire lift and larger tires but thats me, your desires might be completely different.
I agree. but aren't those yellow spacers at the top of the springs?
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For comparison purposes here is my LX with 850/860s rolling on 285 Revos. It has about 300lbs of stuff in back as well. Look on the tags and see what numbers are on them.
i'll do some more investigating today.
why are the coils wound tight at the top? I haven't seen OME with that coil design.
Those coils look exaclty like the OME stock replacement lift that was on my truck when I bought it. The compressed coils at the top allow for downtravel w/out unloading the springs from their perches. The OME stock lift nets at about 3/4" alone. With the trim packers at the top, I would guess you have about 1" (maybe 1.25" of lift).
Here's Josh's with the horizon leveled so you can get a better idea of his stance. It's a nice looking rig.


If you do decide you want to go bigger than the OME stock-height you have, I want to be first in line for your springs. :D
OK, i think that's the only OME lift kit i have not seen personally (stock height). Then perhaps that's what it is then. Sorry.

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