What size hard fuel line and what fitments are need? - HJ with 2H, 1979

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Nov 19, 2013
Melbourne, Florida
I am trying to figure out what fuel line to use and what fitments will be needed for my hard line fuel system for my 1979 HJ45 with 2H motor.

I heard that 8mm - 5/16" O.D. steel fuel line does the trick, can anyone confirm this and how much they think I might need from their experience if I am buying it in lengths.

Here is a link of summit selling 5/16” stainless hard line in a 20ft roll:


Any idea on what fitments I will need for the brake lines?
Cant you buy metric sizes?
But ,yeah , 5/16 is very close to 8mm (7.9375 to be exact) After I converted my FJ73 to diesel with the addition of the 1HZ , I was left with the 6mm fuel lines and 1HZ normally have 8mm or 10mm. I neednt have worried, it got full HP on the dyno.
When you think about it ,the 3F would suck around 30-40% more fuel than the 1HZ, so the 6mm 3F fuel lines were more than adequate.

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