What should i offer (1969 fj40 for sale)

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Nov 27, 2007
Lumby BC
There is a 1969 fj40 that caught the eye of my girlfriend this morning when she was on her way to work. Shortly there after i went to have a quick look. It looks very original; stock hub cabs, stock seats (torn), it's originally from Colorado, an old couple owned it before the current owner bought it. His daughters first vehicle, she drove it to school and now she wants to move on. It has 136000 mi. no brake work in the last 4-5 yrs. Hasn't been driven much in the last yr. probably still the stock clutch (3sp, f engine). The frame looks great. The body looks ok (no rust), a couple of bubbles on the rocker. So over all a bit of a good luck find i think. I have already bought a 1980 fj40 with rust but good frame for $1500cdn. This guy has it listed for $2800obo US.
any suggestions!!! let me know. I'm going by again tomorrow for a better look/ test drive. Let me know what i need to look for in these old ones.
if you want pics let me know
It'll have to be tomorrow.
I'll post them at 9-930am
orig, no rust...go 4k if need be....without pics this is tuff buddy
concur...no rust on body and frame looks good AND runs, for $2800!!?...steal it now.
Here are the pics
some more
how do i load more pics, or is three the max?
Well i just met the guy and took it for a drive, started alright. everything worked. rear heater is unhooked but still there. Jump seats are both there (they are way bigger then my 1980 fj40!). Seats are torn up in the front, dog got at them......
Its very noticeable how much powersteering helps. haha my first time driving a 40 with out ps and the 3sp. I offered $2000 US. Is considering it!!!! tomorrow i'll know.
gtg to class
If he takes $2000 then you got one awesome deal, I'd pay the $2800 and know I got an awesome deal!:steer:
If he lets you steal it for two grand, take it and run! One thing though, when you get it home, consider that those hubcaps are completely out of date, and do nothing for the looks of the vehicle. Send them to me and I'll make sure they are disposed of properly. Enjoy!
Whats wrong with the old school look? haha
I'll be very happy if get to buy it. To find a vintage 40 like this in stock condition is a rarity and i appreciate that, i might keep this one completely stock and build up my 1980. I'm already half way through swapping the drive train and engine from the 1983 bj60. I can't wait to have that 3b and five speed going.:bounce::bounce:
Not bad, but I'd still check closer for rust. They repaired that right side rocker panel and probably had reason to paint over the original seafoam green. Still a worthwhile project though, could be a good resto candidate. Wish my 66 was in that good shape when I bought it.
Actually, both rockers look like they were repaired. The right is obvious, but the left looks like rust bubbling through bondo. Bring a magnet next time you go.

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