What should i do with my hard top, will it still fit...

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Jan 17, 2006
after a collision between my trucks tire carrier and a tree (dont ask):mad: the back right quarter panel, the tire carrier, the drop down tailgate, and the right wheel well got folded in half. I have since refabbed a the back third of the wheel well replaced the quarter panel, removed and straightened and reattached the rear channel. Unfortunately, despite measuring over and over again the back right channel is 1/4" lower then the other side, at the lowest point by the tailgate. Will i still be able to use my hard top. This is not dire since it isnt a daily driver. However, the hard top i have is in amazing condition and i was hoping once am done with school to use it more often in the winter. How much will that 1/4" make a difference, should i just keep the soft top on. and if I just run it as a soft top is it worth keeping the hard top. Eventually i will get another truck for a hard top, how rare is a truck with a good hardtop. I dont want to sell a top in such great shape unless i can run into one in the future. On the other hand if they arent that hard to come by then the extra loot would be nice for more restoration and i'm sure my dad would be glad to have the hard top out of the yard.

P.S. sorry if that was wordy, this is my first post.

Run it.

Hang on to the top.

Good luck!

Worst case use some spacers of some sort and add more weatherstripping if its considerable gap.
I can't imagine a 1/4'' difference could make that much of a difference.... The very top is fiberglass should flex... the only problem I could forsee is that the top door of the top might get in a bind because of the drop. but I still don't think that's going to be a problem.

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I have seen a truck that had a shower curtain rod holding the rear quarters together. When they sagged more, he would jsut crank up the tension on the bar. Really. He had a hard top that fit fairly well considering. 1/4" is nothing on these.

It will probably be fine. Run it. Depending on where you are those tops can fetch some money. Keep it, and welcome.

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