What should I do with my funky front bumper?

What should I do with my funky bumper?

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GW Nugget

Do the best you can with what you have...
Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
Hey all, I have this funky bumper that I got for a great deal. I'm getting ready to modify it but just can't wrap my head around what it could look like. You see the deal is it's a high mount winch thing in front of grill rather than the normal below grill mount. With my 1" body lift the horizontal wings sit a bit low. I was think about lowering the winch mount & lifting the horizontal wings up & back or should I sell it & start over. I'm kind of a tube guy & like stingers but willing to make this bumper work if I can make it look better.

What do you like & not like about this bumper?

This how I got it.

I just had to cut the head light wings off.

I installed a 1" body lift now I have bumper gap.

Just having fun with the Lx...
If you like a plate steel bumper as opposed to tubular construction just hack the grill guard off and add a custom guard. I would not bother raising it unless it could be done easily. It's actually a pretty cool bumper.
The headlight guards were hideous. The bullbar setup is kind of old school. I'd rock as is, but I'm cheap. I'm not a fan of tube bumpers, stingers and all that, but mine came with them. I sold the rear one but kept the front. I like it now, but it took me a few years...
I guess I'm a little late to the "leave it alone", if you already cut it.
No, I have done anything yet.
I might lift the whole thing up & back b4 I cut. Thinking of placing just my high lift bar across the top. Hmm.
It's totally fine... reading the slinky thread and admiring... The only votes for you to sell it are from people that want to buy it!

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