What say you electrical and trivia experts?

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Howdy! Have you tried tracing the wires by color code on the schematic diagrams in a manual? John
let um bleed

Soy Monster,

I'm too lazy to do it for you. You are going to have to look at a diagram from a reliable source. Rosco has posted some good diagram sources in the 70's section stickies.

I found that Mitchell Manuals has accurate diagrams for my truck. If you have a good relation with a neighbor hood shop, you can ask them for a print out.

Question, why are you asking? Are you diagnosing or just curious?

Cheers and happy hunting,

..... looking for places to hotwire accessories...

You didn't ask, but I recommend you build dedicated fused circuit(s) for your accessories.

Those plugs you are viewing have specific applications, may interconnect power and grounds for other important circuits and are usually for small current loads. I think it would be risky to tap them!

While not being the easiest method, building accessory power taps can be enjoyable, as when it is done well you can add and subtract circuits as accessory goodies come and go over time.

What are you planning to supply power to? Lets work together to plan a dedicated, fuse protected circuit.


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