What PS Pump is this

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Aug 3, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
Hey Guys,

I am doing the mini truck PS conversion on my 69 FJ40. I had trouble finding the gear box and pump but I finally broke down and paid a lot but got one from ebay. It was advertised as from an 85 mini truck but this pump looks different from the pictures I have seen posted in threads in doing this conversion. Anybody know what this is?


Not sure if my camera is broken, but this is clearest I could get for tonight, if it is not clear enough I will borrow a camera.

Thanks in advance.
Power steering pump from a 80's era Toyota Mini truck...

Reason "it does not look the same" is because the conversions you read about out here mostly use a Saginaw pump.

It is the pump I used on my FJ40, but I had to fabricate a custom bracket for it.
The vacuum valve deal screwed into the pump body kicks up the idle speed on the minitruck when the PS is under full load. Most folks remove and cap that port, or otherwise ditch this function.
SteveH, thank you - any tips like that are great as I am in way over my head here, but slowly wading through it. I just can't wait to drive it again.
Alright, not exactly what I wanted to hear but very much appreciated. Does anyone know if I can use this pulley with a Saginaw pump? Just trying to figure out if anything I bought is worth keeping or if it was just money down the tube.
Tucker, forgive my ignorance but what is 'DS'. I have the F motor and I moved the alternator to the passenger side, so maybe I can use the original alternator bracket? I don't have a smog pump, but this would be so cool if I can make it work since I am already way over budget on doing this conversion.


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