What plugs in here? where's it go?

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May 15, 2003
Lafayette, CO
As I get acquainted with the 2f in my 7740, I'm discovering stuff that plugged, disonnected, etc. This might be the first of several...where's this go threads.

I couldn't find this in my FSMs...but I haven't gotten the emissions one yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

What plugs into the white valve thingie under the rad. hose?...then where does it go?
FJ40 Therm housing1 websmall.JPG
Can't help you there. Is has to be vacuum related, so it mostly likely is smog. Is there a smog diagram under hood?
unfortunately, nope.

The PO pulled some of the emissions stuff, so I'm not sure what's what, and what should go 'where'. I've got more pics...I beleive the EGR gone - not sure if that helps.
Here's a diagram from the emissions manual, I think for 1978. Your results may vary. That's a switching valve of some sort that routes engine vacuum based on temperature...


Some of that stuff needs to be hooked up, and some does not. I'm in Kalifornica, so it all needs to be there...


Lots of threads out there dealing with this stuff, HERE is where I got that diagram...
surfpig, I think yours would be closer to what Cardinal's got. My diagram is for a 1982. Its as far back as Alldata goes. :doh:

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