What pitman arm scout p/s?

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Mar 8, 2009
I am looking for a pitman arm, I have a 79 scout p/s box and 1970 fj40 stock tie rod end, it needs to be flat or have a slight bend down and be around 7" long, I would like to know what pitman arm I should be loooking for. Thanks.
I used one from a Jeep Grand Wagoneer...not sure if the "Grand" matters though.
I'm not sure how many turns there are in a Scout box from lock to lock. Length of pitman arm is relative to number of turns in the box. Count your total number of turns, including fractions, PM me and we'll get to the bottom of it.
From what I have seen and heard the scout arm is a lot longer and has a larger diamater hole for the tre.
On my :pig: I used a 4" drop from a YJ. The stock Scout arm is way too long & doesn't provide enough drop. On my 40, I used a 2" drop from a CJ.

I run coils on both rigs so no interference ;p
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4" or 2" drop would be to much, I guess I should have mentioned that my fj40 is soa so length and drop will cause interference with the spring.
Grand wagoneer arms might be about 8" long, maybe an inch or two of drop...depending where you measure.
Pitman arm from a Jeep J-Truck is what I used on my last conversion.
The turns of the box have nothing to do with the length of arm that you want
you want it to match the lenth of the knuckle arm as closely as reasonable.
the scout arm is over 9 inches long.. much too long. it will run your axles to the stops in 2.5 turns ( the scout box is 4.25+ lock to lock in the box.

the arms on the larger jeeps... old school wagonneers and full size cherokees... J20s.... they work well.
You can also cut and shorten the scout arm. this lets you add a dogleg to match the angle of the knuckle arm of you need to for a double knuckle arm or any other setup that connects to the knuckle arm with the draglink.

You want very little drop to keep it as far as possib;e from the leaf springs.

You can also cut and shorten the scout arm.

I would only recommend this if you have the appropriate welder and welding skills or know someone that does.

Also check that this type of mod is OK with your state's DMV.
Goes without saying that it should only be done with the right tools and skills. Absolutely.


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