What pistons in 2nd oversize for 1HD-FT ? Will FTE pistons fit?

Apr 16, 2020
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A friend bought last year and engine failure hdj80. Engine got rebuilt, new everything that was needed, almost everything oem:


I sold him a set of kikumoto pistons that I bought for a project that never happened. Compared to toyota pistons, the set costed as much as 1 toyota piston.
But after less tham 1000 km it seems one of the pistons have had cracked.... they were second oversize, 0.5mm.


Now the question is, which brand/manufacturer has good reputation, good quality and 2nd oversize piston and ring sets?
My friend is a professional mechanic, spent quite some money and time on this engine and wants his 80 back on the road, so we would be glad to receive recommendations.
Do 1hd-fte pistons fit? I found confliciting infos on this, which would be good to know as they seem to be easier to source.

Thanks all!
Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
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Anybody has experiences with engines Australia?
They are the biggest supplier of diesel engine kits in Australia. I have used them on a 1HZ and some other petrol engines with good results. They are made in Taiwan to a high standard.

Is there any indications why the Kikumoto piston failed? They are a Japanese brand and would normally be expected to be high quality. I would also ask Kikumoto for their opinions.

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