What part # is this screw/surround?

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Apr 15, 2019
San Diego
I recently noticed that my 2005 LC is missing this screw and surround near the tailgate (interior, passenger side):

This is what it looks like from the other side:

I've been trying to figure out what part number this screw and surround is but I cannot figure it out. Help is appreciated.
I’d take the other out and check the back. It looks like your truck had a cargo net at some point and that insert is what’s left of the hooks. They were port-installed and are elusive part numbers to track down.
Here are some more photos of the screw and the surround after they were removed from the other side:




I don't know if it is a part number, but on the side of the plastic surround piece it says "NF1 1G7U".
Thanks! This was definitely helpful. I am most of the way there:
The screw is part # 62531-60010
The luggage hook is # 64725-60010-B0 (for stone grey)

I still cannot figure out what part number the surround piece is. I need it as the screw (or spacer as Toyota parts labels it) holds the luggage hook surround which in turn holds the entire panel in place.

Maybe someone out there has a stone grey interior that they don't need this part for anymore??
I had the same issues with LX470. The newer screw surround is a perfect fit for 100...but you need to order the LX570 hook as well (100 hook does not fit right). The color was also a bit off so I ordered two and just repainted them both. Perfect.


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