What other suspension parts do I need?

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Jun 8, 2011
Charlotte, NC
I already have the 2.5" OME heavies all around. Next on the list are:
4 1" coil spacers
4 PC ES9000 shocks
Brake lines?
Caster correction bushing?
Steering Damper?

Currently, I am not running CC bushings, driving is fine, no wandering. Will I need them if I get the 1" spacers? The same goes for the steering damper? How many brake lines do I need because I've kits with different number of brake lines. Thanks so much.
If you were interested in the OEM longer brake lines Part No are here. Not sure what the extended travel on the ES9000 shock, you may need to figure that on how long of an extended brake line to use. At 3.5' lift my 80 needed the casters corrected to get it back in range. I needed new steering dampers, I went with OME, I thought at full extension, they were the same length. You may also look into extending the panhards.
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