what originally mounted here?

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Mar 27, 2012
The central california dust bowl
Wondering what originally mounted here, on the right fender, inside.


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It looks like someone cut off part of the mounting bracket. On the 76 I had, the same bracket had 2 holes and the coil was mounted there. I'm not sure if that's where it originally was mounted from the factory though.
Yep, something has been cut off of it, thanks. Just was wondering if it was something I was going to need. I need to remove it as its in the way to mount the man a fre battery tray.

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My '78 model has that bracket with the coil mounted on it. I replaced the fender with one from BJ and had to drill out the spot welds on the old fender and weld the bracket onto the replacement fender.
The new battery tray mounts on the fender??????
I am getting pretty close to building a dual battery set-up for my 77 and didn't really have a clue that they are available at retail. Man A Fre wants a HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE BUCKS for that !!??

I guess I'll be saving myself about $140.00

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