What options to a longer wheelbase on my FJ40 ?

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Feb 1, 2002
want to stretch my fj40 wheel base to gain a few inches so I can put her on my bend pak scissor lift without removing rear tires. I only need 3-4 ". The other reason is I like the look and ride of a bit longer wheelbase.
My cruiser is not stock so modifying isn't an issue but I don't want to flip the front.
looking for opinions on how to do it the best way?

New custom springs and rear spring mounts? Is alcan still an option?
Fj55 rears ( hard to find I'd think)
Fj60 rears? new front and rear spring mounts

any suggestions appreciated. Been some years since I thought about this so I'm thinking there might be some new option and vendors that sell spring mounts, perches maybe?

If you just flip you stock springs around, you can gain approx 6"
The springs are offset by about 1.5" with the center pin.

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