What noises will my axles make???

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Apr 14, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
I know I need to rebuild my seals (grease all over hub, but no liquid, yet)

I am getting some CLUNKing when I put the truck in reverse and back up. When I tap the brakes I get a CLUNK. it only happens once, it sounds like a loose caliper, but I checked them.

I am also hearing some clicking when i turn in parking lots. I hear this is BAD.

What do you think?
If you or the previous owner haven't accomplished a frontendectomy at some point you probably have the typical gear lube, moly birf soup regardless as the axle seals are likely hard brittle rubber bits. Drain the diff lube and find a nearly black gear lube with moly mixed in.

For the clunking noise check your U-joints and drive shafts.

The clicking is your birfs. You'll be taking them apart when you reseal just make sure you disassemble the birfs for a good cleaning and inspection. If they look okay run them. I've seen clicking birfs last for quite a long time, especially if they don't see hard wheeling.
I'm still running original birfs. 258,000 miles.

That says something.
I personally don't think it matters much as long as you perform the service regularly. If you neglect to perform maintenance following some sort of schedule even the high end synthetics won't help.

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