What must I do to tow my RV?

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Dec 11, 2003
Thnks 1st--I am a new owner of a 97 LC, I am in the process of purchasing a TrailManor Trailer. It has a dry weight of 2500 lbs with a carry capacity of 1500 additional lbs. Is there anything that I should do to my LC to prepare it for proper towing.

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In order to tow a trailer of that size you will need a suitable platform hitch, trailer light harness and brakes of some sort for the trailer.
As far as other prep goes, do a "walkaround" and look for maintanence items such as drivetrain service and transmission service, ETC.

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Much has been written here about towing. Try a SEARCH for "towing", although much of what you will find relates to towing heavier loads than what you have planned.

The best advice I can offer is this: At least 2 weeks before your first trip, load it up and tow it in the road conditions you will encounter on the planned trip. Mountains, hills, freeway speeds, etc. Find out what's going to happen BEFORE your vacation. Then you will have time to fix things before they mess up your vacation.

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Since the vehicle's new to you, I think you'd be remiss not to change out all fluids, oils, gear oils, belts and hoses with special attention to ensuring the cooling system is in fine shape. Towing is both the hardest you'll be on the vehicle, and the most dangerous type of driving you can do, so it requires the highest levels of preparation and maintenance. $500 spent on this in the comfort of your home is better than $2500 spent in Kumquat, Iowa while some guy with no teeth replaces your head gasket...


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