what kind of pto is this?

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pygpen said:
I believe there are two types of PTO's for the one piece early cases. Single direction and forward/reverse.
I could be wrong though....

Your correct, there are at least 2 models for the split-case too... not to mention back mounted options out there.
I can see two PTOs in those pictures. The first one is not shaped for the 3 speed transfer case (corners more rounded), so I guess it is for the split case. The second one looks like it is the earlier non-split version I have. It would fit the transfer case that is pictured in the 3rd picture down.
The first two pictures are of the PTO that bolts to the earlier nonsplit transfercases.

This is for sure. I just put one on my BJ40, and have another one on a shelf.

I don't figure out what I'm looking at in your third picture. Is that directly under a non split T/C ? If it is, the PTO will bolt to the plated opening on the left side, BUT you'd need to make sure that you've got the PTO drive/input gear in there. Most US 4 speed transfercases don't have that gear.

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