what kind of locker is this?

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Feb 21, 2010
Chilliwack, BC
Hey I just picked up this locker from a guy, it was in his buddy's truck for a few months and then he took it out and put in an arb, was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly what it is? He says it was over $500, thanks

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It's either an Aussie, a LockRight or a Spartan...it's known as a Lunchbox locker or an AutoLocker. $500 is a bit of an overstatement.

Aussie - $299 (USD)

PowerTrax Lockright - $280 (USD)

Spartan - $310 (USD)

What's it out of?
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Thanks for the quick replies, I knew its a lunchbox of some sort I'm curious if anyone knows exactly so that I can get the instructions for it, or are they all pretty universal?
Its out of a bj60
I've never put one of these in, any tips?
Also I think he just pulled the whole carrier because he was putting an air locker in and it replaces the carrier anyways (I think lol)

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you'll need to find out the specific maker...they are easy to install but there are a couple measurements (gaps) that need to be inside a particular tolerance. The instructions include those numbers. And you'll need an assortment of thrush washers to achieve these tolerances unless its a Spartan...


...which it doesn't appear to be.

Is the BJ60 a full float rear? If so, Bonus! no c-clips to mess with.
Oh I see what you are saying trapper, yes if you are not within spec the only way they will warranty it is if you order from the dealer the thrust washer, if I remember correctly. But that isn't a spartan and with that carrier there you now have your set of thrust washers and theres so you should be fine. Its easy to install I will get you a link that will give you great instructions that Woody wrote up.
This is for a 40 but its the same. you may not even have to pull your break lines off.

drain fluid, remove rear cover, loosing center pin locking bolt, slide out center pin, pull out spider gears and block. push axle in, pull off c clip, push other axle in pull out c clip, pull out axle far enough to clear gears pull out gears do that for both sides. Thrust washers are behind those, inspect. lube all new parts.... ah its easy you can do it I will let woody take over...

FJ40 - EZ-Locker / Lock-Right install instruction
Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for, answered all my questions.
I wish it was a full float rear woody, just the same as your american trucks, with a diesel haha
I've got the 3rd out anyways because I picked up some low km 4.11s. I'm stoked to finally have some lower gears and a locker :D
Thanks for all the help guys

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Thanks I sure hope so. So many times I've been stuck and said to myself "if only I had a locker..." lol

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Howdy! A closeup shot of the inner parts would help, but I am pretty sure that is an original style LockRight. I have had several of them over the years. The clues for me are the shape of the parts, especially the teeth, and the way the alignment pin holes are staggered. John
the powertraxx noslip locker is fairly expensive... Just on the dollar reference it might be that.
Thanks, I think I figured out its an ez locker, looks the same as other pics of it I've seen now.

Just another question, does the pinion shaft spacer go in the front diff too? I'm putting the front 3rd in the back and the front didn't have the spacer when I pulled it, but I don't know if I should put it in or not. Thanks for the help so far everyone!


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Nope there should be no block in the front.
The block on open diffs keeps your axles spread enough to keep the C clip in its groove so it can't come out.
The front is full floating so there s no need or c clips.
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Ok I'll pull it out then, thanks

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