WHAT IS THIS? Windshield washer reservoir

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Aug 9, 2005
Cedar Rapids, IA
My windshield washer reservoir is leaking. I unbolted and was pulling it out and noticed where it is leaking. There is a rubber hose about 1" in diameter going in to the fender, attached to something. What the heck is this?! I want to just undo the hose to replace it but wondering what I am disconnecting it from.

I guess this pic doesn't really show what it is but...

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No $hit?!?! 22 years and I had no idea there was more reservoir down there! If the leak is down in the "rest of the reservoir" I could just plug the outlet to that I guess. But now that I am talking through it, it doesn't make sense. There is still fluid in the main reservoir above the outlet to the reserve. hmmmm. It dumps out the first 2-3 inches of fluid from the top fairly quickly.
Ok. Thought this through. It has to be leaking out the hose or somewhere in the fender because it's dumping out below the DS turn signal. No evidence in the engine bay...
On mine it was leaking from the rear widow pump seal, a rubber grommet. I just removed it and glued a wine cork in place.
I believe the bladder just pulls out of the fender, it's been a couple of years since I messed with it.

Pull it all out and then you can leak check it.
I've replaced my pumps a few years ago so it wasn't that. Here is a pic of the hole where it is leaking out of. Duplicated the leak in the sink with water. It starts leaking right where I said. About 2-3" from the top of the main reservoir. Going to plug it and see if that solves the problem. It looks like the hole is supposed to be there for some reason. Like to hook up to a breather/vent. I'm going to look at the parts catalog...

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