What is this switch on the climate control?

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May 10, 2006
6005 ft. Smoky Mtns. Idaho
I was adjusting my heater valve per this great thread https://forum.ih8mud.com/80-series-tech/173731-adjusting-water-valve-maximize-c-performance.html (thanks guys), and the other related threads, I started playing with my climate control system, as I was trying to get more slack for my heater control cable. In the middle of the panel is what looks like a blank, just to the right of the A/C switch. When I popped off the trim, the cover came off and this is what I found.

The first pic shows the switch uncovered, with a light behind the cover. Above is the "footwell only" heater selection lit. Then after depressing the uncovered, lit switch (the one to the right of the a/c), it cancelled the "footwell only" light, and closed the vent door for it. This is what the second pic shows.

When the switch is depressed, it will cancel, or close whichever selection you have lit above it, so that you can close off ALL the vents. Without depressing this mystery switch, one vent or another must be selected. Beyond that, I don't know what other function it may have. Could some of you more experienced with this tell me what you know about this switch?

Is it an option on the LX450 that the Toyota didn't have?
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I believe that's the FRESH AIR or RECYCLE AIR switch? or is that to the right of this?


I just checked my '94 that's not the recycle air button.
I also have this button with a black cover over it.


Maybe it's a SUBMARINE close all hatches mode :)
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Before I sold my Lexus it did have a auto climate switch which I'm guessing kept the inside at 70-75 at all times or something manageable temperature

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Here's a pic of the panel from my 1990 HDJ81. It's RHD but the buttons should just be reversed.
Mine is the 'Auto' button, which is supposed to read your mind. But for me, it just turns the fan to MAX and the vent to RECIRC. This is a '97 LX450. My '91 has all mechanical controls - yet another reason to love it.

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