What is this madness when cranking? Video included

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Jun 24, 2020
Charlotte, NC
Car has been little slow to start every once in a while the past week. Figured it was battery going and/or colder weather. Stopped by Autozone to test it and they say it’s good. Crank it up and drive home. 10 minutes later it won’t crank and is doing this….finally got it to crank by jumping it off.....drive to another Autozone, battery check is again good - 79% charge. The guy said sometimes the readers are bad and it seems like a battery issue most likely to him.

Has anyone seen this? Thoughts on the source?
Is what I experienced a normal response with a low battery in the LX?
Yes. Voltage may be close to 12V readout by Autozone but it’s not getting the required amperage for your battery to turnover the starter along with the LX’s other electrical requirements.

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