what is this?? jack mount?

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Sep 2, 2007
Longmont, CO
I have this thing on my truck from the PO. It holds my radio antenna, but it definitely has some other purpose, perhaps in conjunction with the foam pads and the plate below on the step.

I'd been thinking for the longest time that the foam-covered plate on the step was the remains of a boot cleaner, but I had an epiphany today; could this be a mount for a hi-lift style jack??
phew, ok, guess that wasn't much of a mystery at all.

what sort of hardware holds the jack in place? just a pin through that upper post? is there any sort of washer or plate on the outside of the jack?
C'mon Jim, leave us the easy ones....
Sorry, I just logged in and there it was at the top of the heap.

Let's start again...

I have no idea what that thingamajig is. Flux capacitor bracketry?
I bet one of those big springy cotter-pin type clips...like the ones that hold the pins on a engine hoist.
Maybe put a washer between the pin and the jack, but you'll probly lose it and get along without it.
sometimes I think this truck was simply driven through a pool of paint. it not just the picture.
Looks like an Earl Schibe special!

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