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Jan 3, 2012
Cleveland Ohio
i was thinking to offer 8-10k wonder what you guys think its worth as is??? Here are the details. Seller doesn't seem to know much.

1977 Toyota Landcruiser

What year is the Land Cruiser? 1977
What color is it? Red
What Is the actual mileage if known? 196k
Does the vehicle have a clear title? Yes
Has the vehicle been garaged? It's been kept in the garagage for the past 10 years during the winter (some Fall/some Spring). During the "garage" period the car was started at least once a month to allowed to warm.
Rate the body on a scale of 1-10 with a 10 being perfect: 6.5 (some scratches, small dents, cut rear fenders)
Is there rust. if yes please describe –
Rust on Frame- surface
Rust Undercarriage:- surface
Describe any body/frame damage? none.
Condition of windows? fine (e.g. windows roll up and down and rear windows open as expected).
Rear wheel wells cut for flares? Not sure what this is.
All body logos present: yes
Has vehicle been repainted? Yes if yes, original color? I believe it was, but was repainted original color from what I can tell.
Has the top been removed? No
Is there rust in the floor? No.
Please rate the tires -
Original Wheels and Hubcaps? If no, please describe: New tires with maybe 100 miles on them.
Engine and Mechanical
Rate the engine on a scale of 1-10 with a 10 being excellent: 9
Is this the original engine/transmission? I don't know
Has either engine/transmission been rebuilt? I don't know - not by me or previous owner.
Original carburator or after market? I don't know.
What repairs does the engine/transmission need: None that I can tell.
Does it leak fluids? No
Does it burn oil?No
Is the clutch in good shape? Yes
Have brakes been serviced? When They have been but I don't remember. I believe the emergency brake isn't working.
Transmission - in good working order - both high and low range? Transmission is fine. Front transmission was working as of last year. I typically put it in 4 wheel drive for a small amount of time but never off-road.
Does it shift smoothly? Yes.
Power steering? Yes
How many inches of play in the steering?
Air Conditioning? I don't think so, but the wings work for air flow.
Winch? Yes. It works, but I don't know how it works.
Aux Fuel Tank? No
Rate the interior on a scale of 1-10 with a 10 being perfect:
What is broken or missing on the interior?
Seats Ripped? in the passenger seat
Headliner sagging or gone? Needs redone.
Original rubber mats? Yes in front. I doubt the mats in the vehicle are original but there is rubber matting in the front and rear.
Rear Jump Seats present? Yes
Will include original jump seats in sale. Yes
Dash Pads Ripped or cracked? There is a crack in the pad.
Dash board cut out for add-on switches or stereo? No
Original Radio? Doubt it

Gauges working? Yes
All signals working?Yes
Brake lights?Yes
Head lights?Yes
Turn Signals?Yes
Licence Plate lights?Yes
Instrument lighting?Yes
Interior Light?Yes
Original Owners manual present? Yes.
Inspection light present?
Jack present?Yes
Toolbag Present? There is no tool bag, but there is a tool box that is located under the left rear jump seat.
Rear Heater? Yes





Nov 14, 2004
It has an aluminum tub & front fenders, which makes me wonder how rusty is the frame?
There is some sketchy wiring under hood.
It looks like a 77 2F engine, but has a 74 F air cleaner sitting on a weber carb.

This is less than 40 miles from my shop, LMK if you want a PPI report.

@flexis, If you are seriously interested in this truck you'd be nuts to not take advantage of Jim's offer to look it over for you.


Jun 24, 2016
North Central Ohio
Ive seen that truck listed. . . I could not figure out why the rear wheel openings were cut if the new aluminum tub/body was installed. Bigger wheels/tires in the past?

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