what is this? and, should i be worried?

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Jul 8, 2007
Seattle, WA.
looking over the engine today and saw this. a little 90 degree hose was missing. i found it in the engine bay and it was all melted. haven't noticed any performance changes in the last couple weeks. i slapped a new hose on there, i just want to know what it does.
I have 62, and looking at the bracket and corrosion it's kinda looks like your charcoal canister and the missing line to the vcv valve.
If the VCV has only two ports, then it is the "outer vent control valve". It caputres vent fumes from the carburetor fuel bowl.
I've seen that before. It was fuel vapors that did the number on the rubber hose. It's a dealer part or find fuel hose in bulk that will accept the bend. FI hose has reinforcement that will probably allow the short radius turn.

Actually a 3/8's water hose elbow trimmed down fits nicely in there.
any ideas on what would have caused this?
thats all very clever chaps but why does it have a elec valve on it that is what is bugging me seems strange for just a feum bypass to the canjster any ideas
i have been fighting a bad ides/stumbling/hesitation problem since a carb rebuild. while spraying starting fluid looking for vacuume leaks i removed the plug the po had put on this line and whalla! idles like a champ. point being i too would like to know why it was plugged in the first place? and what the wires do?
Vapor canister

You know these trucks run a long time. I'm wondering what the life of the fuel vapor canister would be. Does the charcoal break down, deteriorate? Should it be replaced after 200,000 miles?
I f I remember right, the switch opens when the ignition is shut off, allowing vapors from the lines from the carb to vent through the charcoal canister and back to the tank. When the ignition switch is on, the valve is closed, and the vapors are recirculated to be burned in the combustion chamber.

In the emisisons FSM, it details how to test and clean the charcoal cannister. They definitely can clog up.

The hose pictured above was corroded on my FJ60 when I bought it. I replaced it with a 90 degree heater hose, cleaned the charcoal cannister, and all is well now. Before I did this, my garage smelled like gasoline fumes everytime I parked the cruiser. Much better now. I never could tell if it ran better, though.

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