What is this and can I remove it?

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Jul 29, 2014
Tacoma, WA
I know I CAN remove it but will it screw something up? It the little silver finned box in the second pic that attaches to the PS inner fender and plugs in to the same loom that the antenna plugged in to. Is it a capacitor? I just installed a Firestik antenna using the WagonGear mount so the power antenna went bye bye.



Firestik antenna.jpg
Fuel pump resistor.

Resist the urge to remove it.
I looked in the FSM, but was only guessing at what it was. And now that you guys have given it a proper name (fuel pump resistor) I can find it in the FSM. Much easier when you know what it is. Thanks for the feedback and I'll resist removing it!
The fuel pump resistor is on the driver's side by the ignition control module. I'm away from my family right now but I know that the fuel stuff is on the driver's side.
The fuel pump relay is on driver side. The fuel pump resistor is in deed on passenger side by the hole for your power antenna motor. When I was having interment fuel cut issues I got very familiar with all the fuel components
Ok it seems on earlier trucks it is on driver side. On my 97 it's on passenger side and is one in pic from poster first pic. Sorry for any confusion
FSM for later models...


I know its not Land Cruiser but on Mini trucks with the 22re there is a box just like that and it is the injector resistor. The one in your picture is the fuel pump resistor.

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