What is the switch on the T-case...

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Dec 11, 2003
It has a different kind of plug than the other 2, and is almost touching the 4L switch.
:ban: ,

i did not realize i was being vague...
as far as i can tell there are only three switches on the t-case. 2 on the back, and 1 on the front.

the front one is the Transfer Indicator Switch" and one on the back is the 4L Switch. there is one left on the back and it is almost touching the 4L Switch...

anyone know what it is?
Well I'll admit I'm confused....

Are you talking about electrical switches?

Are these switches on the t-case housing OR inside the cabin of the 80 and control the t-case?

If inside the cabin I assume the switch in question is the second gear start button/switch. If I'm correct then I suggest that you get an owners manual.

If I'm wrong then I'm just a confused Addict (almost).

There are 4 areas of plugs, they are;
1) H and L range sensor
2) center diff lock sensor
3) center diff lock actuator
4) speedo

sorry i need to lay off the pipe, and stop working on my truck for awhile.


i think at this point it is the actuator, i'm gonna try to pull it and make it behave. i can hear a click behind the kick panel, and a click underneath the truck when i put it in low. all switches test fine, and the plugs show 12V as well. that actuator must just be frozen. hope its just a one :beer: job to remove it. ;)

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