What is the seal called?

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Feb 12, 2007
Tucson, AZ
SO got under the cruiser and snapped so photo of current leaks. What am I looking at to get this seal replaced at a shop.

in the center of the unit,(still not sure what it is) there is a small (I think rubber) insert. it looks either warped or like someone was trying to pry it out. what is it and what is it covering?
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Inspection cover for the tranny/engine junction. Replacing that won't stop the leak. It is either a leak down from the pan arches on the engine or a rear main seal. Both would be pretty pricey at the mechanic.
Kind of what I thought. how much is costly $500? , $2K?

I have not lost much oil since my last oil change at all. Dose this need to get taken care of right away?
I would get in there and clean it up. Degrease the whole area, all the way up, then watch it carefully for where it is leaking. Right now you have build up and grime everywhere. Once you get it clean you may be able to pinpoint the issue a bit better.

Pan is expensive, rear main is very expensive. Pan involves oil drain and lots of prying on the entire bottom of the engine. Rear main involves dropping the tranny...ouch.
so should I just pick up some degreaser and go at it with a couple of rags?
Does it make a mess in your driveway?

If not, I'd be inclined to forget it until it does. Either of the potential fixes for this problem are going to be difficult or expensive. Run a higher viscosity oil (the Rotella Syn 5w-40 would be a good place to start) and see if the leak decreases. Eventually it will get bad enough you'll have to fix it, but it could be good for a few years. If you have a mess in your driveway, then fix it now.
Not even a drop. I'll clean it up and keep and I on it ...should be a lot eaiser to get under there with the 6" lift and 35's that will go on with in a couple of months. i'ts bone stock now so taking those pics was kind of a pain.
I have had a minor rear main leak the whole time I have oned my 80, has not gotten any worse and does not drip on the driveway, seams to only drip wile driving, I wipe it up every oil change and thats it. not worth fixing.

A minor back of the motor leak (either rear main or pan arch or both) is very common on the 1FZ. most of them with over 100K have one
X2. Switch to Rotella as noted and it may stop.

Well if its bothers you then drop tranny like mine..;) no more leaks
Rear Main Seal 009.jpg
yep, just degreaser and rags, looks like some dirt is on there too, so a wire brush would work. Get it clean and then you can see how much flow you have.

Good call on the oil change. I just went to 5w40 Rotella T synth and the engine seems to be very happy.

Now I just need to get the rear output on my t-case to stop leaking....DOH!
Well if its bothers you then drop tranny like mine..;) no more leaks

LOL I have no idea what that is in the pic but it sure dose not bother me enough to spend what $2K to have the tranny dropped?
mine has a slight drip there, like 3 drops over night, i switched to rotella syn and have noticed little to no change, but am not inclined to tear into it for just a couple drips, it adds character

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