What Is My FJ80 Worth?

Apr 3, 2017
Hello Everyone,
First and foremost I want to thank everyone on this forum for adding to the wonderful experience I've had owning my 1991 Land Cruiser. Your knowledge and support has helped me keep my old beast running strong.

Sadly however, I will be selling my 1991 Land Cruiser asap for several reasons (none to do with the truck at all).

I would just like to gauge what would be a reasonable asking price on CL/Private party for my vehicle detailed below:

1991 Toyota Land Cruiser
335,000 Miles
Grey Metallic with Grey Cloth Interior
Fresh Oil Change
New OEM Spark plugs
New OEM Spark Plug Wires
New OEM Distributor Cap
New OEM Distributor Rotor
Replaced Most Vacuum Lines
New Fusible Links
New Battery
Truck has 33in tires on offbeat aftermarket rims (front tires need to be replaced)
Truck has about a 2in lift to it (no idea who the maker is)

The brakes are decent and get me home everyday in rush hour traffic here on the most crowded freeway in the world...the 405 and The truck runs like a champ and easily cruises at 70mph. Transmission shifts fine but there is that notorious suspension clunk when letting off the gas

AC Not Working, Could use a paintjob.

I will post pics soon but if anyone wants to throw out #s I would appreciate it.
Apr 10, 2017
Folsom CA
As someone who purchased a similar vehicle a couple of months back, and having learned a lot about them since, there a a few things that would dramatically alter what my view of the vehicles value would be.

The miles are higher than many would buy, but are there service records for things that should have been done, that aren't readily visible?
Needs paint, OK, but is the interior horrible, or serviceable for the foreseeable future?
You indicate it needs front tires, are the rears just OK, or are they relatively new, and fronts would get you another 40K overall.
A/C system leaks or is inop/shot? Seals and O-rings are cheap, but a new condenser, dryer, all new lines, refrigerant, would be many hundreds of dollars to replace.

If everything is best case scenario, maybe $3,000. If everything is worst case, ~$1,500. Strictly my opinion. One thing I have learned on this site, is that the members tend to place a higher level of importance on maintenance than miles. But if the maintenance is lacking or unknown on a high mileage veicle, the value is greatly diminished, since "base-lining" everything can get to be pretty expensive.
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