What is it worth- 1977 FJ40?

Jun 12, 2005
Saginaw, MI
I know there have been a lot of newbies with the same question. I am sort of a newbie, but have been visiting this site almost every day for the past 8 months. I have been looking for a clean FJ40 the past year. I wanted something in pretty good condition and think I've found it. The only draw back is the wheel wheels were cut and fender flares added. MY question is am I paying to much? I am paying $8,800(less than they were asking). The cruiser is early 1977 - so no pop out windows(July 1977). THere is hardly any rust - mainly on door edges and screws , but mainly surface rust. The rear sill is pretty damn good, with justy a few small bubbles. The rear quarter panels are excellent except above the rear lights there is a slight crack, but it may just be the paint. No Bondo - hard top w/ brand new bikini top. The engine was rebuilt by Factory Toyota 14,000 miles ago( has receipt). Hard top is in excellent condition . No leaks and interior is in good shape. Tub and front floors look great. What do you guys think? Mileage says 77,000 and its been painted @ least two times! Looks pretty good compared to other ones I have seen on ebay, which I have found way overpriced!

Easy Street


Jul 27, 2005
Roseville, CA
Do you have any pics? It sounds like it's in decent shape. I just sold a '78 Cruiser that was in somewhat similar condition for 6,500. Mine had a V8 though. How long have you been looking? IMOP I think that they might be asking to much. Hard to say w/o looking at it.

Good Luck!


Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
77,000 miles and painted twice???
77,000 miles and need an engine rebuild???
doesn't sound right
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