What is a 'pov pack' 80 to you?

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
To me it's 1hz n/a diesel, power nothing, barn doors, no sunroof, manual box, part time transfer (no cdl), vinyl floors, no door speakers, basic roof trim. My 80 still runs it's original na 1hz diesel motor and I've never actually driven any other 80 except one when I lived interstate (before I got mine) that belonged to a workplace.

I don't know what seating spec was 'standard' with each config level but mine had 3/4 pass side bench seat originally (since replaced with standard bucket seat), and non-split 2nd row seat and no third row seats in the cargo space.

Here in oz there were (that I know of) DX, RV, GX, GXL and VX spec levels. Pov-pack equates to DX. There were other spec levels in specific years, etc..

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