What is a ’74 1.5F worth?

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Nov 2, 2013
Grande Prairie AB
I’ve got a 1.5F in my '74 40 which is coming out for a LS 4.8L V8. The clock reads 14,000 km but I have no idea how many times around it has been. It is still in the cruiser and running but coming out soon. Last fall I had a shop compression test it when it was in for an inspection: 135/150/140/100/140/150 psi. He also did a wet compression test on the lower psi #4 and concluded the rings are the likely cause of the lower result. The engine is desmogged and will come with the alt and a saginaw PS pump. It will be sold as a complete running engine, what is it worth?

What is the 4 speed tranny from the same cruiser worth? I took the side cover off last spring and the gears are in near perfect shape. The clutch has lots of friction material on it as well.

I did a little searching, but only found one 1 year old thread.

Thanks in advance for any input.
Whatever someone will pay for them.

Honestly, not a heck of a lot. The compression numbers equate to a motor that will need a rebuild soon.. My brother bought a 74 4 speed/tcase for $150..

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