What (if anything) can be done...........

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May 22, 2004
Deep East Texas
To make center caps fit tighter so they are not so easily stolen.

This the 4th time (in as many years) that I have had center caps stolen. Yeah, I know....."leave them off", and I would if I was driving it...but Mrs. Flintknapper likes the way they look and the Cruiser is her DD.

At least they didn't take all four this time. :mad:

Anybody got a good idea (besides super-glue). :idea:

What the hell are they doing with them anyway? It's not like there are a bunch of 80's around here.
the hubs are very manly IMO... I like to see mine :)

make them undesirable? like paint them purple or something... :D or would the missus object to that too... ? :)

and isn't there a threaded hole in the flange in the back that you could use to bolt the covers to the wheel? :)
Run the existing ones into some rocks so they are no longer "desirable":)

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