What happened here

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Feb 21, 2009
Enumclaw, WA
Looking for my TLC yesterday, I could not help but wonder what might have casued these two floor issues. Granted i may never know but for what rust I have here is maiinly surface rust. I don't have any serious cancer.

Here are the two spots:

1. covered with a bent flat stock and screwed in by previous owner


2. Near the tranny
Answer your own ?? and remove the patch and see. Looks to be the least of your issues...

....a modiofaction possibly for an extended drivetrain or clearance removing TC at some point of the vehicles long checkered past

I especially like the blunt force trauma hole to the right of the trans hump from the underside. Christ, what's the story on that?
I figured that the driveshaft came unglued near the TCase which caused the blow out. The rear was cut out and shows no signs of trauma. Either way, they have a patch panel weled in.

i told the PO of your rig to use super glue, but for some reason he decided to use elmers wood glue..... :flipoff2:

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