What fluids where?

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Apr 9, 2003
San Rafael
Another question as I build my ability to do my own maintenance, and navigate the FSM, first the easy stuff though. My wife had the cruiser out today, and the oil light came on so she pulled into jiffy-lube, she called me and i said STOP!!!!!! they wanted to do the diffs, trans box and everything. I wanted to be sure just WHAT to put in there, not some generic crap. Anyhow anyone got the best answers.
I am running Synthetic oil, PO switched it over, and he used castrol 5w50, I've only put 4k on it in the past year, as it's a vacation rig and I ride a motorcyce most days. it's time to do the fluids.

So I'm looking for:

synthetic oil recommendations-currently castrol 5w/50

Front & Rear dif lube

Trans box lube

knuckle grease-molebdinum disulphide? need a grease gun?

and any other lubricants that should be in the garage and used for regular maintenance.

Thanks, so far the OME install went smooth, as did the breather work, and I'm having a heck of a good time. :beer:
What year is your rig? :slap:
It's a 1997,
I figure all this is in the FSM, just wanted to see with all of the collective experience on this board, what other people use and trust.

I prefer Mobil-1 in the engine because it's easy to get at Wally World and sometimes they have a good price.  In cold weather, I use the 5W30; in warm weather I use the 10W40.

The Castrol *full* synthetic is also very good. They also sell a blend so be sure to get the full syn.

Mobil-1 gear oil in the F&R diffs.
Xfer gets Mobil-1 gear oil.
Tranny gets Dextron-III (Haven't switched to syn... and probably will not switch)
Knuckle grease - Amsoil moly (purple)
Wheel bearings and other lube points - Amsoil HD (red)

Valvoline synthetic DOT IV brake fluid. A full system flush every year or two will keep the brake system happy. I *love* the brake feel improvement following the flush and installation of SS brake lines. It was a vast improvement. Can't say whether it was the flush or the SS, but the combo worked wonders.

You will need a grease gun for the U-joints and the slip joints on the driveshafts.  Do not overgrease the slip joints; 3 or 4 good squirts is plenty.
Hey fj40,

Did you read Photo's sig line?

Just wondering....... ::)

You mention "Mobil 1" in the diffs / TC - what viscosity are you using 85/95, 85/140, etc.

I've only found one viscosity on the Mobil-1 gear oil. I believe it is 70/90 but don't hold me to that. It cost $7/qt

Thanks! I think the PO put Amsoil series in the diffs - might try M1 during the front axle rebuild next month.


"the oil light came on" &nbsp:Do you mean the icon with the Aladdin's lamp? If so, you were down a couple quarts.
When did you last check it?

I'm using Mobil1 Full Synthetic fluids all over: engine (5-30W)tranny (very smooth), front axle/transfer case/rear axle (75-90W).

While we're on this topic - where are the greasing points (any one with a digicam ?) ? how many of them ? What kind of tools do I need other than a grease gun ? I've been ignorance on this field....

There are 6 grease zirks. One on each of the 4 U-joints and one on each of the 2 driveshaft slip joints. They're easy to find but you may have to turn the driveshafts a little to get to them.

You'll want to use a grease gun but nothing else is needed other than some shop towels to clean up the grease that squishes out of the U-joint seals.
Thanks, -B- !!! I'll grab a tube of Amsoil HD next time I visit the parts store.

Good luck on finding Amsoil at the parts store. I bought mine from a friend that is a dealer. Any good HD grease will do; Valvoline also sells a synthetic grease that most parts stores carry. They have it with and w/o moly. I bought a tub a few months ago to pack my spare birfield with moly... ran out of the Amsoil.  :tear:

Just sign up for the perferred list or whatever the Amspoil site now calls it. Used to be for an extra $5, you could buy yourself in as a dealer then get dealer pricing.

Me gots Amspoil, Diet Coke, Mud and water in all me resevoirs. :D
-B-, Junk,

Lucky me, a relatively small parts store near my house has a sign "We sells AMSOIL products here!" ;)

Thanks for the helpful info,

did all the fluids over the weekend,

Castrol full synth, 5w/50, as that was what was allready in there, will switch it to 10w40 next go-round.

F and R diffs, got Mobil 1, 75/90 was the weight, rear was lookin pretty good, front was dark green black nasty stuff, maybe contaminated, as I've read about that. Probably change front again in a week or two.

Tranny got Dexron III took just under 2 quarts

all the grease points got hit by Jiffy when the wife took it in,

where's the Xfer, I'm a total mechanical newbie, and with my 6 and 3 yr olds hoopin and hollerin I had to put way the FSM and wrap it up, and realized I never added gear oil to the Xfer.

Next weekend, I'm puttin on Slee sliders, the OME steering stabilizer, finsh up my breather hose work and then going wheeling off Cisco grove, Donner summit, similar to rubicon in elevation.

Thanks for all the continued great info!

Hey fj40,

  Did you read Photo's sig line?

   Just wondering....... ::)

No, I didn't :slap:
>> where's the Xfer <<

Under the truck  :slap:

It's a silvery aluminum thing with a drain plug and a fill plug. Big hex plugs, about even with the rear of the front doors. It's got a driveshaft coming out of the rear. How the heck did you miss it!?!?

So the FSM, calls that the Transfer, and it gets Dexron III?

All I saw in the FSM, on page M-4, I believe, was the 2 difs, and the transfer, for transfer fluid, it says switch to page TA or TR some number, and recommends Dexron III

your prior post says Xfer gets mobil 1 gear oil, Tranny gets dexron.

I'm confused, :dunno:

The transmission gets Dexron, the transfer case gets gear oil. The transfer case has a drain plug and a fill plug.

The tranmission has a drain plug and when you drained it you should have noticed that it was a different color (red.) To fill the transmission you had to put the fluid in where the dipstick goes. The transmission does not have a "fill plug."

Does this sound familiar?


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